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The Docking Impender project aims to mitigate destructive forces and bouncing effect during hard docking of two objects such as satellites or a transportation vehicle docking to a space station. It is a proprietary solution, with the name being a merger of two other terms: “impact” and “defender”. In addition the name describes an action of approaching of two objects, without much possibility of reversing this process. Docking Impender is a concept system mitigating direct results of attaching of two objects in space in a microgravity, apparently more efficient than the existing docking systems. The objective of Docking Impender Project is to develop a demonstrator of an Impender installed in 2 mass dummies of pico-satellites compatible with the CubeSat standard.

The Impender demonstrator is being used for studying and presenting of the stabilization effect of two objects getting in contact in a simulated microgravity environment (or equivalent). In ideal situation the two mass dummies should stay stable during the impact. The demonstrator includes only the capture mechanism and will not include any hatches, pressurized or electrical adapters. Only simple capture indicator can be incorporated. But for future projects it is assumed that another interfaces could be attached as a part of a complete docking system.

The Impender is a proprietary solution, with the name being a merger of two other terms: “IMPACT” and “DEFENDER”.

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AbmSpace Education

ABM Space sp. z o.o.

ABM Space sp z o.o. established in 2011 focuses on space exploration technologies. The company develops mobile robots and instruments for subsurface mapping of celestial bodies and harsh environments on Earth. It also develops mechanical solutions for spacecraft docking and landing, and navigation systems for exploration vehicles.
ABM SE transfers the solutions to non-space markets.


SSBV Polska sp. z o.o.

SSBV Polska was created in 2013 as a new SSBV Aerospace&Technology member company based in Poland. The company primarily focuses on developing and providing Space- and Ground-based systems. With access to the experience, products and resources available within the Group, SSBV Polska concentrates on the development of a next-generation nanosat platform called PanelSATNANO. SSBV Polska does not only work together with other SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group companies and international partners, but also builds strong ties with other Polish companies and research institutes.

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